Mommy, Why Didn’t You Protect Me?

Emma Thompson’s mother shed tears as the verdict of 20 years was read. I wonder if she cried each time her boyfriend beat her daughter


The Mother cried again when Emma’s father asked her how she could let her boyfriend climb the stairs to her 4 year old daughter’s bedroom knowing what was going to happen. I wonder if she felt her daughter’s fear with the approach of each footstep.

As a Mother looks at her daughter she should see love and hold happy memories in her heart. Where was that loving arm of protection? Are her memories now the screams of her daughter as she was being sexually abused


Tears flowed again as Emma’s grandmother explain how they had been robbed of sharing all life had to offer with this precious child. I wonder if her daughter had not died would she have continued to watch Emma suffer until she drew her last breath. 

Was this Mother going through her own hel

l? Was she so scared of her boyfriend that it robbed her of a “Mother’s Instinct” to protect her child?  Is there more to the story; why haven’t we heard it? The boyfriend’s in jail and Emma’s Mother is……………….

If Emma had lived, how long would it have been before someone realized what was happening to this child? Why didn’t Emma talk? Had she been threaten; was she scared the boyfriend would kill her Mother. What scars would she have had to over come? What would her life have been as a child dealing with a transmitted sexual disease?

Emma’s calls for protection are now a thing of the past for Our Lord blesses little boys and girls like Emma and turns them into Angels.

Footnote: When I first saw this story on the news I cried. All I could think of was the fear and abuse that this child and other children so unnecessarily have to suffer.

When you hear something like this it is so hard not to cry out; Why couldn’t that Mother  protect her child? Why didn’t others notice what was going on?

Why did this child have to suffer? Because two people chose to do wrong instead of right.

Lord, I try to remember that unless you walk in someones shoes you do not know what they feel or what they are going through in their daily life but at times like this it is so hard to do. Lord, we pray that You will give us compassion and understanding. Help us to trust in You even when things seem so dark for we know You are the way and the light.

Help me to follow the Serenity Prayer.

Lord, we are thankful that Emma is safe with You.

We ask that You have mercy for Emma’s Mother and that You protect all the children and adults who are in an abusive situtation. Please help each one find a voice and the strength to break away from those chains and into a better life.  In Jesus name we pray and we thank-you Lord. Amen

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