Miniature Horse Helping Hand Update

I am happy to give this update: I just received a phone call from the Houston SPCA. The American Miniature Horse Association has stepped forward and is donating 100 brand new halters for these little ones. Thank-you so much, this is a big help.

 If you would still like to give a donation for the care of the miniatures you can do so by either calling Steinhauser’s feed store in Hempstead, TX where an account has been setup for the mini’s, go online to the Houston SPCA’s website or put a donation in the mail to them. I included all this contact information in the article below.

 The SPCA has been receiving calls from people wanting to foster care horses NOW and this is just not possible. I understand that some are upset as they have not received a return phone call. Please understand the staff is NOT avoiding anyone; they just have their hands full right now and cannot answer all the phone inquiries; animals needs first before phone calls.  The Staff’s main focus and priority is to get these little ones through processing, vet checked, evaluated and started

on whatever care and treatment programs they might need.

All this is part of the process to see who later is are is not candidates for adoption or foster care and what may need to be done for others to get them to that stage. All this takes time so please, be patient.


 I will keep you updated on the miniatures progress.

If you have questions you are welcome to email me. Thank-you for your concerns and continued support.

Help for situations like this could not be possible without all of you.

 Blessings, Sid Chipman

“Patience is not how long you wait for something but the attitude you have while you wait.”

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