Don’t Fence Me In….Help Save a Legend

Don’t Fence Me In!

The Fight to Save a Legendary Wild Horse Herd
From Director Ginger Kathrens

The Custer National Forest awarded a contract on August 6, 2010.

It calls for the building of new, bigger, stronger, longer fence to prevent the Pryor Wild Horse Herd from grazing on their mid-summer through fall pastures atop their mountain home.

The first question I am always asked is “Why?” To answer honestly, I am not sure what is pushing this kind of expensive and unwanted project.

But, to even try to answer the question requires a bit of a history lesson. 

Those that read my blog know that from time to time I post things  of others that are either of interest to me or things that I think should be brought to the public’s attention. This is something I think the Public should be aware of; another BIG “oops” that a branch of our government is in the process of making.

This subject is very dear to my heart. Did you see the story on Public TV about “Cloud” and his herd? Maybe you bought the book and read it to your children.

Cloud and his family are in trouble and need the input of the general public to come to their aid. Please go to  to learn the rest of the s

tory and how you can get involve. I thank-you for expending a helping hand to Cloud and for helping preserve an important part of our Western Heritage and History.

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