Cardinal Arabians – the Farm

CARDINAL ARABIANS” is a small “Mom and Pop” horse  farm located in a rural community in the Southwest part of Texas.

Our Farm pride shows in the Quality, not quantity, of the horses that we bred and raised and in the Honesty of the handshake that greets you when you come for a visit.

 As noted in my prior post,  “From Books to the Farm”, I fell in love with horses from the time I read Black Beauty and watched Roy Rogers with Trigger and saw Flicka on tv.  I was blessed with a wonderful friend, who later became my husband, who made it possible for me to live the dream and be part of the wonderful world

of being owned by a horse.

The farm’s name “Cardinal Arabians” , is a tribute to the lady, who was also my friend, my Mother.

  Mother’s favorite birds were Cardinals.

On Christmas Day in 1996, Our Lord called her home to help Him celebrate His son, Jesus, birthday. In honor of my Mother, we named the farm “Cardinal Arabians”.

And in answer to your question yes, we do have Cardinals at the farm.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I still miss my Mother  but, Our Lord was merciful and His  gift of the Cardinals helps to bring me peace . The birds  greet me every morning as I sit on the back porch and watch the horses graze in the pastures; and then, I share a cup of coffee  with my Mother.

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