September 11, I, like many, watched spell bound not believing what we were seeing, this could not be happening; did we not live in America the land of the free?  And yet, there fantasyleague.com
it was unfolding before us, one plane hitting the tower,

explosion, fire, silence and then screams.

Then the second tower is hit; explosion, fire,  silence and more screams.

For whatever unknown reasons, the famous Twin Towers of New York were under attack…….and so it began.

As  first responders and fire trucks arrived and people poured out to help the injured, the first tower shuttered.  Finally unable to withstand any longer the assult it had encurred…..it fell to the ground. 

Rubble and smoke filled the streets covering everything and everyone in it’s path.  Yet the men and women pushed on turning their focus to  the people in

the second tower.

Yet again, as time passed it too finally surrendered to the assult and fell to the ground creating a tomb for the dead and a memorial for the living.

The thing that kept going through my mind, as I sat, watched and prayed, was that after this things as we knew them to be would never again be the same as they once were.

To those who lost their lives…….We Remember

To those who survived………….. We Hear You

To the next Generation…………..As Christians We Will Forgive -     

Learn The Lesson –  Move Forward - and Work To Establish Peace.

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