Our Country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is in trouble!  It seems WE THE PEOPLE are losing the very principles that this Country was founded upon by our Forefathers. Many battles were fought  to retain those principles and values and yet, WE THE PEOPLE  are just standing by watching them go down the drain by what some would call a Devil in disguise.  I just call him  the “Dishwasher”.  A silver tongue Dishwasher is hard selling the American Public a line of well scented soap that has everyone completely snowballed with its fragrance.  Do You not realize that after all those wonderful bubbly suds are gone; the only thing left with be the Dishwasher holding a pan of Dirty Water…… And you want 4 years of this? 

GOVERNMENT –  Why would anyone pass a Bill they could not read; much less understand? Red flags flying, bombs bursting in air  but,  No problem, just pass it, then you can read it and you’ll see it’s a wonderful BILL. So, they took the spoon full of sugar from those that did not know what they were talking about and passed that AWFUL TASTING BILL.  Now, they  reap what they swallowed and one by one the little ” controlling gotchas ”  fall into the pan of Dirty Water.  

MARRIAGE –  one man and one woman, as set forth in the BIBLE per God’s Law, which says they shall come to together as one.  One of those purposes is the Gift to bring forth children into the world.  If two guys or two girls can join and make this happen; then I want to be their Agent and we will make millions plus history.  However, God did not plan for things to work that way; yet Man in his infinate wisdom knows better.  “Man’s New Laws” have  changed the order of Marriage to suite his wants; not human needs – wants

LIFE is no longer a precious GIFT or Will of God  but,  a Mother’s or Doctor’s Choice of life or death for the Unborn and the Elderly.   If you can be charged for Murder if you Kill Your Child outside of Your womb, why is it not Murder to Kill Your Child inside Your Protected Womb where God itself placed the Child to grow in a SAFE Environment and Bond with it’s Mother?  Man’s Law, not God’s, has given the Mother of  Her Child, Freedowm Of Choice and a License to Kill Her Child.  Granted, She would NOT GO TO JAIL if She Chose Abortion but, I have to ask  her, how  can You Live with that Decision knowing You had a Choice  of LIFE with OTHER  Options

I saw the story on the news this evening of a young 14 year old girl being shot twice because she spoke out in favor of girls getting an education. She is recovering from her wounds but the news media is reporting that her attackers have said they will try again to kill her.  Here is a Child speaking out for rights and justice and marked to die because she wants an education. If they succeed in killing her it will be a crime.  Yet,  here in America it is LEGAL to KILL your  CHILDREN before they are even born and have a chance to attend school. What is wrong with both these stories?  WHY ARE WE KILLING OUR CHILDREN?  There is no logic here, only ignorance, fear and sin. 

Freedom of Religion as we once knew it,  was a Birth Right passed on to ALL of us, We the People, by our Founding Forefathers.  A stroke of the Mighty Pen has turned Religious Freedom, as far as Our Beliefs and Following Our Conscious,  in to something YOU might be able to pratice as long as You meet certain conditions that have become a part of  Man’s New LAW, not The Consitituation of The United States of America nor the Bill of Rights, but Man’s New Law.  And to put insult upon insult,  if ANY Religious organization  meets the government criteria but does not follow the Guidelines of Man’s New Law, they might have to close their doors or file Bankruptcy. Take heed my Christian Friends, today they strike out at Catholics but, if I were you, I’d be concern as your turn is already here.  

It was nice of the New Law to give ALL CHRISTIANS some time to think about changing their mind on how and what they are going to BELIEVE.  In other words, you  have been placed in “time out“. Now, you can  think about how naughty you were to be a “Christian“, what you have to do to CHANGE , say your SORRY, and COMPLY with THEIR Way, CURRENT GOVERNMENTS, way of thinking before this Law goes into effect.  I wonder if they think during that “time out” Christ is going to go away or God’s Words in the Bible are going to change or disappear.  Our Lord tells us that our Churches may be  closed and destroyed but HIS WORDS will NEVER fade away and HIS Kingdom will not parish. I’ll add one more to that, nor will Our FAITH DIE as long as We BELIEVE. 

 Have you ever read the book “1984″?   If you have good, if not does any of this that is happening sound familiar?  What part of History does it seem we are beginning to repeat?  I guess we didn’t learn the lesson well enough the first time. I understand there are people in this great Country of ours that say it is all a lie and things like people being put to death for their belief or put in prison never happen. Not to worry, if we don’t get back to good old fashion PRAYER they’ll have a front row seat when the movie starts.

I wonder if the Dishwasher understands what would happen if ALL those different and wonderful Religious Organizations,  that fill in the GAPS to HELP those in Need because the Government does not, won’t , refuses too or can’t help, would suddenly CLOSE their doors; because they REFUSED to COMPLY with ANY PART, wither it be understood or implied, of  “Man’s New Laws”?   What measurers, IF ANY, would the Government take to help those people that suddenly appear on the steps of the White House?  Would they really help them or simply say to the American People, “It’s your problem not ours but,  if we have to do anything for them, we’ll  make sure you get the BILL.”  Why would you cut off the hands of someone who is not only helping  take care of you but saving you a lot of money by doing so?

HEALTH CARE – don’t even get me started.  No one should be FORCED to purchase health care.  No one should be FORCED to have to make a decision to buy Food for their family instead of  Med’s or other services. 

RETIREMENT – the thought is nice but Reality says if we keep going like we are, that is something we are not going to have to worry about as we will NEVER be able to retire nor will we have anything to leave our children as the Government will own it all. 

Almighty God has given us a PROMISE that He will HEAL OUR LAND.  This Promise has 4 conditions.  We need to HUMBLE ourselves, PRAY, SEEK His Face, and TURN from our wicked ways. 

If my people, which are called by my name, shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK my face, and TURN from their wicked ways; then will I HEAR from heaven, and FORGIVE their sin and will HEAL their LAND.  2nd Chronicles 7:14

We ALL  have a CHOICE to make, healing or pain.  Salvation or death.  I PRAY WE ALL MAKE THE  RIGHT CHOICE.    Our NATION and FAMILIES depend on it. 

I LOVE My Country, These UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,  and I know there are many people that feel the way I do.  When I see our AMERICAN FLAG flying in the wind I am reminded of  our Heritage or when I hear that STAR SPANGLE BANNER,  the year is 1812 and I see Francis Scott Key writing the song while standing on the bow of a ship fighting to end the  British Rule on us.  As  I picture the bombs bursting  in air I am filled with pride and know how Bless we ALL are to be  “WE THE PEOPLE“.   I PRAY  and wait , for the Lord’s promise of HEALING…….

Neighbors, It’s time to Fire the Dishwasher, throw away the Dirty Water  and return as  “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”………. GOD BLESS AMERICA!